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Administrative Support

Proven Skills for Administrative Professionals

Supervisory Skills for Administrative Staff

Communicating with Style

Assertive Communication

Working with Difficult and Challenging People

Coaching Skills-Teaching Others What You Know

Time Management

Life Balance

Business Management Skills

Math Skills for the Workplace

Introduction to Project Management

Microsoft Project Standard 2003 Workshop

Project Management Certificate Program

Project Risk Management

Smart Project Management

Hardball Planning and Budgeting

Multiple Project Management

Project Management Executive Overview

Integrated Project Management

Project Procurement Management

Help Me Help You!
Project Risk Management
Project Management Executive Overview
Smart Project Management
Integrated Project Management
Sustainable Business Advantage
Introduction to Green IT
Business Writing and Presentation Skills

Public Speaking

Effective Presentation Skills

Core Writing

Intermediate Writing

Report Writing 

Grammar and Proofreading

Audit Report Writing 

Perfect E-Mail

Write That Letter! - Sharpen Your Business Writing Skills

Write vs. Wrong - Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Speed Reading Skills

Presentation Zen - The Art & Science of PowerPoint
Communicating with Confidence

Communication and Interpersonal Skill Development

Assertive Communication

Communication Skills

Myers-Briggs Communication

Preventing Professional Burnout

Stress Management

Advanced Stress Management and Relaxation Skills

EI: Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

Lateral Mentoring

Staff Development Retreat

Team Etiquette


Dealing With Transition

A Common Vision: Creating A More Spiritual (Not Religious) Work Ethic And Work Environment

Creating Balance In The Workplace

POSITIVE THINKING: Techniques for Getting the Most out of Life and Work

Working  Here is Killing Me

Harnessing the Power of Social Networking Online Networking for Professionals
Customer Service

Directors of First Impressions

Effective Telephone Techniques

Internal and External Customer Service

Positive Customer Service

Managers Focused on Customers

Customer Service Training

Managing Everyday Hassles in the Workplace

Employee Development

Communication Skills

Working With Leadership

Myers-Briggs Work Relations

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making

Conflict Resolution

Challenging People

Workplace Conflicts: Successful Managing Interpersonal Conflict 

Who Moved My Cheese?

Coping with Organizational Change

EI: Dealing With Difficulty

Time Management: Leveraging Time At Work

Facilitating Meeting Effectiveness as a Participant

Building Teams

Intact Team Development: Becoming a High Performing Intact Team

Myers-Briggs Team Development
Balancing Work and Family
Aspiring Supervisor Program
Managing Your Caseload: Time Management within Human Services
Ethics for Counselors and Social Workers
Young Professional Women's Workshop
Attention, Boundaries and Choices: The ABCs of Sustainable Time Management
Managing Up
Working Here is Killing Me
Delivering Outstanding Customer Service During Challenging Times
POSITIVE THINKING: Techniques for Getting the Most out of Life and Work
Human Resource Management

Human Resources: Dealing with Personnel Issues

Hiring the Best

Interview Skills

EPRS Training for Supervisors and Managers

Employee Recognition and Rewards

Engaging in Performance Evaluation -Effective EPRS Communication Skills for Employees

Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment For Managers

Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment for Staff

Career Development -Introductory

Career Development -Advanced

Developing Cost-Effective Systematic Career Guidance for an Agency, School or College Setting

Training for Trainers; Instructional Design

Ethics: Doing The Right Thing

Professional Boundaries

Balancing Work And Family

Smoking Cessation

Worker Safety: Defusing Tense Situation and Violence
Management/Supervisory Skills

Making the Transition to Manager

Techniques of Supervision

Managing in the 21st Century

Supervisor Development

Results-Driven Supervision Seminar

Performance Training For Managers and Supervisors

Supervisor Seminar For Experienced Supervisors and Managers

Leading and Motivating Your Staff to Success

Leadership Skills For Experienced Managers and Supervisors

Situational Leadership Skills

Decision-Making Strategies

Supervisor Communication

Communicating for Influence and Impact

Effective Constructive Criticism and Feedback

Continuous Performance Feedback

The Manager as Coach

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Consulting Skills for Leaders: Achieving Results with Influence Instead of Authority

Increasing Productivity and Fulfillment

Managing Change

Leading Cynics, Victims and Bystanders through Change

Conflict Management

Constructive Disagreement

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Building High Performance Teams

Team Building: Together We Can Make a Difference

Effective Group Facilitation Skills

Strategic Planning

Introduction to Project Management

Leading Effective Group Planning Sessions

Effective Meetings

Ethics: Doing The Right Thing

Time Management for Supervisors and Managers

Career Resiliency

GENERATION Y - How to Manage Digital Natives

Bringing Out the Best in Your People
Emotional Intelligence
Effectively Managing Challenging Employee Behavior
Strategic Communication

Communicating with Special Populations - Half-Day Class

Crisis Communications Training

Media/Spokesperson Training

Planning for Public Meetings - Half-Day Class

Risk Communication - Basic Level

Risk Communication - Advanced Level

Convening Breakthrough Public Conversations

Facilitation & Consensus Building - Half-Day Course

Leading Skillfully in Permanent White Water

Navigating Organizational Politics

Appreciating & Leveraging Our Differences Using the MBTI

Systems Thinking

Leading Through Conflict

Diversity, Culture and Language Training

Managing A Diverse Workforce

Diversity In The Workplace

Thriving In A Diverse Workplace

Respect In The Workplace

Occupational Spanish

Cross Cultural Training In the Workplace Series

ESL English As A Second Language -Speaking

ESL English As A Second Language -Writing

The Generations:  The New Diversity In The Workplace
Occupational Portuguese
American Sign Language
Change Management
Leader as Coach
Effective Delegation

Conflict Resolution

Effective Listening

Harnessing the Power of Social Networking Online Networking for Professionals

Coaching Tools for Leaders
Team Coaching: Understanding and Improving the Dynamic Interplay Among Team Members

Taking Your Team To The Next Level: A Team Coaching Experience

Personal Strategic Planning: A Successful Leader's Tool For Achieving Work-Life Balance

Be Your Best - Goal-Focused Individual Coaching Designed to Bring You To The Next Level As A Leader

Leading With Impact: A  Coaching Group For Experienced Leaders Wanting To Be The Best
They Can Be

Emerging Leaders: A Coaching Group For Leaders On The Rise

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