Casey Hall Training Associates focuses on providing
the following services:

  • Design and deliver results-driven customized training programs.

  • Consult with leadership on human resource, change, and career issues.

  • Provide diversity consultation and training services.

  • Coach key personnel in leadership, performance-enhancement and team engage-ment issues.

  • Deliver training in discrimination, sexual harassment and violence prevention

  • Assist agencies in organizational development planning and implementation.

  • Facilitate focus groups, retreats, project teams, meetings and strategic planning sessions.

  • Conduct needs assessments, skill inventory assessment, and core competency identification.

  • Assess training program curriculum and design follow-up implementation strategies.

  • Deliver instructor training programs that provide an instructor’s manual for a multi-media training program, detailed guide to program exercises including learner learning objectives, program materials, PowerPoint presentation with instructor notes, pre and post test assessments, program evaluation and references of literature researched and additional resources.

  • Conduct program evaluation and return-on-investment impact studies.

  • Facilitate and manage short term projects.

  • Serve as key note and motivational presenters.

  • Develop webinar and e-learning programs to address client specific needs.

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